Simply Lemonade w/ Blueberry Bottle, 52 fl oz

Lemonade has never looked so delicious. Simply Lemonade with Blueberry combines the refreshing taste of Simply Lemonade with sweet blueberries, resulting in delicious and all natural refreshment. Simply adheres to strict standards to ensure that Simply Lemonade products are the absolute best. With Simply Lemonade with Blueberry, you get the delicious, thirst-quenching, fresh taste of real lemons paired with the sweet, juicy taste of blueberries. Nothing less! The bottle is 100% recyclable. Simply takes pride in guaranteeing fresh taste. Simply Lemonade with Blueberry is the perfect pairing for your cocktails! The product is gluten-free and certified Kosher by OU. The best things in life are made Simply.™