Signature Pet Care Pet Training Pads, Extra Large, Ultra Absorbent, 6-Ply

28 in x 30 in. 80% larger (than our standard training pads) for extra floor protection. Perfect for larger dogs or multi-dog homes. 6-ply construction. Holds up to 5 cups. Tear resistant top sheet. Quilted tissue. Ultra absorbent core. High absorbency layer. Leak-proof liner. Extra absorbency = extra safety. Extra large size = extra floor protection. Signature Pet Care New Extra Large pads provide a much bigger target, so there are fewer misses to contend with! Plus, our pad's ultra absorbent 6-ply construction is engineered to provide over 12 hours of protection, with capacity to spare! Signature Pet Care Extra Large pads can lock in over 5 cups of urine. That is over 3 times the average amount a 5 lb dog would eliminate in 12 hrs. Signature Pet Care Extra Large training pads, with ultra absorbent 6-ply construction, are designed to keep your home safe and clean. Quality guaranteed. Our Promise: Quality & satisfaction 100% guaranteed or your money back. Scan for more information. Product of China.